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14.5. 10:00 / May 14th 10am | Plzeň

Český Rozhlas Plzeň - Den otevřených dveří / Doors Open Day


14.5. 14:00 / May 14th 2pm | Nezvěstice

Dixieland na demarkační čáře

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Band members

The Dixie Hot Licks spielen in der traditionellen Dixieland-Besetzung: Trompete, Posaune, Klarinette/Saxophon, Banjo/Gittare, Sousaphon, Schlagzeug. Im Unterschied zu vielen anderen solchen Bands kann man bei den Konzerten den weiblichen Gesang genießen.

Jana Jiroušková

vocals, washboard

With her overwhelming voice, the enchanting Jana (Jane) has been singing regularly in the band since 2020. In some songs she enriches the entire sound with an authentic washboard rhythm.

Jiří Kodajek


Lead voice belongs to the trumpet in all dixie bands. Experienced jazz player Jiří (George) has mastered this with us.

Jindřich Jindřich


Our trombonist and somewhat involuntarily also the bandleader of the group is called Jindřich (Henry). He can also play the cornet and sousaphone.